Muse Bistro restaurant Athens
Muse Bistro

Created to satisfy all palates, Muse Bistro’s kitchen can best be described as hip and fun, but with a generous dash of serious!

Taking cues from traditional Greek cuisine, we make full use of the abundance of fresh local produce. Our demanding and resourceful Chef Themis and his team pair mediterranean flavours and classic dishes with modern flair.  We pride ourselves on our made-in-house goodies, and all-around devotion to tasty and hearty nutrition. Our flavourful menu caters to a motley of appetites, setting the tone by never compromising on fresh, seasonal and local produce.

Every morning, the heavenly smell of freshly baked breads and pastries wafts through the air, inviting you to enjoy a mouthwatering breakfast. Brunch at the Muse Bistro is also quite the affair – and served all day. Lunch and dinner can be hearty or light, simple or sophisticated, ordered to go or served to savour over. Whatever your desire, our priority is always about the pleasures and joys of eating well.

So whether you are popping in for a quick brunch, out for an afternoon coffee or a sunset aperitivo just before a delectable dinner from our à la carte menu, Muse Bistro is a merry meeting place in the heart of bustling downtown Athens.

On a side note, we can also provide special dietary options upon request; should you be checking out early, we will arrange for your breakfast in take-out boxes.

Monday to Sunday
09:00 am – 12:00 am
Call us on 210 220 7778 to place your orders,
or order directly via
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